Modern African Fashion

African Fashion has come a long way and i can finally say i like what it has become. Africa is home to some of the finest fabrics like Kangas, ashokes, bazin, kente, tie and dye, and etc.These new breed of African designers are now thinking in the right direction and taking advantageof the arts and culture they are blessed with.African fashion with western influence styled to suit both the modern African man and woman and also the western man and woman who want to look different and don’t mind color. The clothes are made for all kinds of events from dinner wear, office look to casual wear. As you can see is just not clothes but also Accessories from Hand Bags,Shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Watches, Bracelets, Necklace’s and many more.

The Above mentioned items does not come from one designer but a group of well selected designers that we think have quality stuff that can be marketed and sold worldwide. We are currently looking for retailers, shop owners(online or others) outside Ghana who believe in our product and are willing to purchase them at a discount per item to sell on their own or distribute to their local shops in the community and beyond.

The Prices Start from 10 US Dollars upwards, which does not include shipping or delivery charges.

My Apologies for the lack of photos. We will update this page very soon with more pictures but we couldn’t wait to put up what we had online for the World to see. Hope you like and you are interested in making a purchase or working with us. In due time we will set up our website.Thank You.

Please email for more information.










2 thoughts on “Modern African Fashion

  1. tity says:

    i have always wanted to do african. i now have more ideas on how to dress up when going to work.

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